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Praying Grace - In this 4 week class you will learn to pray for someone in any situation using the simple GRACE model.  Dr. Terry Teykl teaches you to pray for family and friends.  His passion and humor will engage you and encourage you to "pray GRACE" everywhere you go.

Core Christianity - In this 6 week class we will explore the main points of our faith.  The “core” message of Christianity is a message of love and redemption, salvation and hope.  It is the message of the person of Jesus Christ, who walked this earth 2000 years ago.  To know and understand the Christian faith one must know Jesus, in his person, words and deeds.  Knowing Jesus, however is more than just knowing “about” him.  A Christian is a follower of Christ.  This means more than just believing in Jesus, but following him in every area of your life.  Our faith begins not just in the New Testament but where Jesus began, in Genesis.  So we will be taking a look at the whole Bible and trying to glean what is most important for us.  Not a “readers digest” version but what are the fundamentals of our faith.

War Room - Movie based bible study where you will watch the movie the first night of class.  War Room Bible Study features five inspiring movie clips (2-4 minutes each) and five challenging scriptural lessons adapted from the feature film, WAR ROOM. Through this 5-session Bible study, believers will be called to evaluate their spiritual life and growth, to uncover their true character, to trust in the God of grace, declare victory over their true Enemy, and discover that prayer really is a powerful weapon.

Upward for Adults - In this 6 week class we will take part in various sports.  During each class we will touch on being a team player, participating on Jesus' team and learning what kind of player you are on Jesus' team and more.  Each week we will participate in a different sport.  In the middle of each class there will be a bible lesson.  The last class will be a trip to the Walls of Jericho.

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