Student Ministries

Good Shepherd's Student Ministry provides opportunities for the next generation of leaders between grades 7 through 12 to grow relationships, horizontally (with their peers) and vertically (with Jesus Christ).

We are very intentional with bringing age-appropriate lessons and activities, specific and relevant to their lives, in order to bring about TRANSFORMATION.

We meet most Wednesday evenings, from 6:30 to 8:00 in the Fellowship Hall. Our time together includes worship time, a message, small groups, and other ways to connect with one another. 

Please contact Vicky Alexander (  for more information.


EPIC SUNDAY MORNINGS 9:15am or 10:45am

More Life

Sometimes, life can be pretty brutal. Just when we think life will leave us feeling happy and satisfied, it ends up leaving us feeling emptier than ever before. Just imagine the emptiness Jesus’ followers must have felt when, after all His promises of what was to come, Jesus was crucified. In this 2-week series, you’ll help students see that, while life here on earth can often leave us empty, Jesus came to give us a new kind of life — more life, in fact, than we could ever imagine.

WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:30pm-8pm Back to Life

When life gets hard and things don’t turn out the way we hoped, it’s easy to believe that God is distant and that our story is over. But Easter reminds us that just the opposite is true. Through Easter we’ll discover that Jesus is a God who isn’t distant and hasn’t abandoned us. In fact, He’s always working to bring our stories back to life


Spring Events: 

May 20th   Youth Sunday

Mission Experience - June 10th-15th Youth Mission Trip

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